Electronic Instrumentation Articles:

AC Input

AC Voltmeter using Half wave Rectifier

AC Voltmeter using Rectifiers

Active Filters Classification

Active Filters Types

AF Sine and Square Wave Generator

All Pass Filter Design

Analog Electronics Process Controllers

Analog ph Meter Circuit

Applications of Oscilloscope

Atomic Frequency And Time Standards


Audio Amplifier Frequency Response

Automatic Bridge

Automation in Digital Instruments

Average Responding Voltmeter

Band Pass Filter Circuit

Band Reject Filter Circuit

Bandpass Analysis

Basic Automatic Control

Basic Low Pass Filter Circuit

Basic Measurement of Capacitance and Inductance

Basic Meter Movement

Basic Wave Analyzer

Basis of PLC Programming

Beat Frequency Oscillator

Beta Gauge Thickness Measurement

Binary Ladder Circuits

Block Diagram of Oscilloscope

Block Diagram of Sweep Generator


Bridge Controlled Circuit

Capacitive Pressure Transducer Working Principle

Cascade Control

Cavity Wavemeter

CCIF Intermodulation Distortion

Checking of Diodes

Choice of Electronic Signal Transmission

Chopper Type DC Amplifier Transformer

Chopper type DC Amplifier Voltmeter

Circular Chart Recorder Working Principle

Color Bar Generator

Compact Data Logger

Comparator Op Amp Circuit

Comparison Bridge

Computer Based Data Acquisition System

Concentric Vane Repulsion Type Instrument

Considerations in Choosing an Analog Voltmeter

Continuous Balance DVM

CRT Features

CT Scan Basic Principle

DA Converter Working Principle

Data Acquisition System

Data Logger Operation

Data Logger Summary

Data Loggers Function

Data Transmission

Data Transmission System

DC Ammeter

DC Inputs

DC Meter

DC Standard Difference Voltmeter

DCS System

DCS System Architecture

Decade Counter

Define Offset Error

Definition of Recorder

Delta Modulation

Detectors Types

Differential Instrumentation Amplifier Transducer Bridge

Differential Output Transducer

Differential Voltmeter

Differentiator Op Amp

Digital Capacitance Meter

Digital Communication System

Digital Control

Digital Display System

Digital Filter Design

Digital Filter Design Window Method

Digital Fourier Analyzer

Digital Frequency Meter

Digital Instruments

Digital Measurement of Time

Digital Measurements of Frequency Mains

Digital Memory Waveform Recorder

Digital Multimeters

Digital Phase Meter

Digital Process Control

Digital Readout Bridge

Digital Readout Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilliscope

Digital systems fundamentals

Digital to Analog Converter using Op Amp

Diode Bridge Type Modulator

Discrete Functions Equation

Distributed Control System

Dot Matrix Displays

Dual Beam CRO

Dual Slope Integrating Type DVM

Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Dynamic Characteristics

Effect of Frequency Calibration

Electrical Transducer Definition


Electromechanical AD Converter

Electromechanical Chopper

Electron Beam

Electronic Counter

Electronic Switch

Electrophoretic Image Display

Error in Measurement

Fast Fourier Transform Formula

Fibre Optic CRT Recording Oscilloscope

Field Strength Meter

Filter Circuit

First Order High Pass Butterworth Filter Derivation

Frequency Domain Representation

Frequency Measurement by Lissajous Method

Frequency Modulation Recording

Frequency Selective Wave Analyzer

Function Generator

Galvanometer Type Recorder

Gas Discharge Plasma Displays

Gear Wheel Method

Harmonic Distortion Analyzer

Hays Bridge Circuit

Heat Capacity of Calorimeter

Heterodyne Wave Analyzer

High Frequency CRT

Higher Order Filter Design

Horizontal Deflecting System

IC Type Sensor


IIR Digital Filter Design Methods

IIR Filter Design

Incandescent Display

Inductive Transducer Definition

Instrumentation Amplifier Derivation

Instrumentation System

Integrating Type DVM

Introduction to Digital Voltmeters

Introduction to Electronics Instrumentation

Inverting Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Kelvins Bridge theory

Ladder Type Converter D/A

LCR Bridge

Light Emitting Diodes(LED)

Linear Motor Working Principle

Linear Variable Differential Transducer

Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)

Liquid Vapour Display

Magnetic Flow Meter Construction

Magnetic Modulator

Magnetic Tape Recorder Working Principle

Marker Generator

Master Control

Maxwell Bridge Theory

Measurement of Power Transmission Lines

Measurements of very Large Currents by Thermocouples

Measuring Amplitude Modulation

Mechanical Transducer Definition


Microprocessor Based DCS

Microprocessor Based Digital filter

Microprocessor Based Instruments

Microprocessor Based Ramp Type DVM

Microwave Frequency Measurement Techniques

Modem Definition

Modern Laboratory Signal Generator

Modern Radar Systems Analysis

Modulation Frequency Definition

Moving Iron Types Instrument

Multi Channel Data Acquisition System


Multirange Ohmmeter

Non Inverting Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Nonlinear Distortion Measurements

Null Type Recorder Working Principle

On Off Controller

Operational Amplifier Definition

Operational Amplifier Integrator Circuit

Optical Pyrometer Working

Oscilloscope as a Bridge Null Detector

Oscilloscope Operating Precautions

Output Power Meters

Passive Filters

Permanent Magnetic Moving Coil Movement

Phase Sensitive Detector Circuit

Photoelectric Transducer Working

Piezoelectric Transducer Working Principle

PLC Applications

PLC Basic Process

PLC Components

PLC Definition

PLC Hardware

PLC Hardware Components

PLC Operation

PLC Programming Languages

PLC Register

PLC Structure

PLC System Operation

Practical FFT Spectrum Analysis

Practical PMMC Movement

Precision Frequency Standard

Pressure Inductive Transducer

Primary Standard

Principles of ADC


Probes for CRO

Proportional Controller

Pulse Amplitude Modulation

Pulse Code Modulation

Pulse Modulation

Pulse Position Modulation

Pulse Time Modulation

Pulse Wave Code Format

Pulse Width Modulation

Pyrometer Working Principle

Q Meter

Radio Frequency Modulation

Ramp Technique

Random Noise Generator Block Diagram

Relays Definition

Resistance Temperature Detector Working

Resistance Thermometer Bridge Circuit

Resistance Thermometer Transducer

Resistive Position Transducer

Resistive Transducer Definition

Resonant Coaxial Wavemeter

RF UHF field strength meter circuit

RX Meter

Sampling Oscilloscope(VHF)

Sampling Theorem

Scherings Bridge Experiment

Second Order High Pass Butterworth Filter Derivation

Second Order Low Pass Butterworth Filter Derivation

Segmental Displays using LEDs

Segmented Gas Discharge Displays

Selectivity Measurement Receiver

Self Oscillating Converter

Semiconductor Diode Temperature Sensor

Semiconductor PhotoDiode

Sensitivity Measurement Definition

Sensors Based Computer Data Systems

Series Type Ohmmeter

Signal Conditioning of Inputs

Signal Conditioning System

Signal Generators

Simple CRO

Single Channel Data Acquisition System

Solid State Voltmeter

Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram

Spot Wheel Method

Square and Pulse Generator


Standard Signal Generator

Standing Wave Ratio Measurements

Static Characteristics in Instrumentation

Statistical Analysis

Step Function Response

Storage Oscilloscope

Strain Gauge Derivation

Strain Gauge Load Cell Working

Strain Gauge Transducer Types

Strip Chart Recorder Application

Strip Chart Recorder Working Principle

Stroboscope Definition

Successive Approximations

Summing Amplifier Circuit

Sweep Frequency Generator

Sweep Generator

Symbol Counter

Synchronous Modulation and Demodulation

Taut Band Instrument

Temperature Controls

Temperature Transducer

Thermistor Circuit

Thermocouple Circuit

Thermocouple Definition

Time Division Multiplexing


Transistor Chopper Circuit

Transistor Tester

Transistor Voltmeter

Trigger Pulse Generator Circuit

Triggered Sweep Circuit

Triggered Sweep CRO

True RMS Voltmeter

Turbine Flow meter Principle

Types of Encoder

Types of Filters

Types of Instrument

Types of Static Error

Typical CRT Connections

Typical Digital Filtering Operations

Ultrasonic Temperature Transducer

Universal Active Filters

Universal Counter Timer

Uses of CRO

Varactor Diode Symbol

Variable Resistor Network

Vector Impedance Meter


Vertical Amplifier

Video Test Pattern Generator

Wagner Earth Connection

Weighted Converter Using Transistor Switches

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

Wien Bridge Circuit Diagram

XY Recorder Working