Working Principle of D Arsonval Galvanometer:

The action of the most commonly dc meter is based on the fundamental princi­ple of the motor. The motor action is produced by the flow of a small current through a moving coil, which is positioned in the field of a permanent magnet. This basic moving coil system is often called the D Arsonval galvanometer.

Working Principle of D Arsonval Galvanometer

The D Arsonval movement shown in Fig. 2.1 employs a spring-loaded coil through which the measured current flows. The coil (rotor) is in a nearly homogeneous field of a permanent magnet and moves in a rotary fashion. The amount of rotation is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the coil.

A pointer attached to the coil indicates the position of the coil on a scale calibrated in terms of current or voltage. It responds to dc current only, and has an almost linear calibration. The magnetic shunt that varies the field strength is used for calibration.