Difference between NMOS and PMOS:

The Difference between NMOS and PMOS is given below

1. P-channel is much easier and cheaper to produce than the N-channel device.

2. The drain resistance of P-channel MOSFET is three times higher than that of an identical N-channel device.

3. The N-channel MOSFET is smaller for the same complexity than the P-channel MOSFET.

4. The N-channel MOSFET has the higher packing density which makes it faster in switching applications due to the smaller junction areas and low inherent capacitances.

5. A P-channel MOSFET occupies a larger area than the N-channel MOSFET for the given drain current rating. This is because the electron mobility is 2.5 times of that of an hole.

6. The N-channel MOSFET has higher false turn-on possibility than the P-channel device because of the positively charged contaminants.