Difference Between 80286 and 80386 Microprocessor:

The difference between 80286 and 80386 Microprocessor is given in table below

80286 microprocessor

80386 microprocessor

Intel 80286 was developed in 1983 by Intel and it is the improved version of 80186. Intel 80386 was developed in 1985 using CHMOS III technology and it is the improved version of 80286.
80286 is a 16-bit processor. 80386 is the first 32-bit processor.
It is available with 134K transistors in a 68 Pin PGA package. It is available with 275K transistors in a 132-pin PGA package.
80286 has operating frequency 8 MHz to 12.5 MHz. 80386 operates at clock speed of 16 MHz to 33 MHz.
The 80286 has a 16-bit bus and a 24-bit address bus. The 80386 has a 32-bit data bus and a 32-bit address bus.
The 80286 has 24-bit address lines and can able to access 224 = 16 MB of physical memory. The 80386 has 32-bit address lines and is able to address
up to 232 = 4 GB physical memory.
The 80286 processor supports Intel 80287 numeric data processor. The 80386 processor supports Intel 80387 numeric data processor.
The 80286 processor has a 6-byte prefetch queue. The 80386 processor has a 16-byte prefetch queue.