Data Types of 80286 Microprocessor:

The Data Types of 80286 Microprocessor directly supports seven types of data such as integer, ordinal, pointer, string, ASCII, BCD, packed BCD, and floating-point types of data as given below:

Integer It is a signed binary numeric value contained in an 8-bit byte or 16-bit word. All operations are performed assuming 2’s complement representation of the operand. The signed 32 and 64-bit integers are supported using the 80287 numeric data processor.

Ordinal (unsigned) Ordinal is an 8-bit or 16-bit unsigned binary numeric value.

Pointer Pointer is a 32-hit quantity, composed of a segment selector component and an offset component: each component is 16-bit word.

String String is a contiguous sequence of bytes or words. A string may contain from 1 byte to 64 k bytes or 32k words.

ASCII A byte representation of alphanumeric and control characters using ASCII standard of character representation.

BCD BCD represents decimal digits 0-9. All operations are performed based on decimal digits 0-9.

Packed BCD A byte representation of two decimal digits 0-9 storing one digit in each nibble of the byte.

Floating Point A signed 32,64 or 80 real-number representation.

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