Data Types of 80186:

Data Types of 80186 – The 80186 microprocessor can directly support the different data types such as integer, ordinal, pointer, string, ASCII and BCD.

Integer Integer data is a signed binary numeric value represented in an 8-bit byte or a 16-bit word. During all arithmetic operations, assume that the data is a 2’s complement representation. The signed 32-bit and 64-bit integer’s data can be supported by using a numeric data processor.

Ordinal It is an unsigned binary numeric value contained in an 8-bit byte or a 16-bit word.

Pointer The pointer is a 16-bit or 32-bit quantity, and it consists of a 16-bit offset element or a 16-bit segment base element in addition to a 16-bit offset element.

String String is a contiguous sequence of bytes or words. Any string may contain from 1 KB to 64 KB.

ASCII It is a byte representation of alphanumeric and control characters using the ASCII standard of character representation.

BCD BCD is an unpacked byte representation of the decimal digits 0-9.

Packed BCD It is a packed byte representation of two decimal digits (0-9). One digit is stored in each nibble (4 bits) of the byte.

Floating Point Floating point is used for a signed 32-bit, 64-bit or 80-bit real number representation. Usually, floating point operands are supported by using a numeric data processor.