Computer Based Data Acquisition System:

Computer Based Data Acquisition System – If a large number of inputs are to be measured, some equipment is needed to measure them and display the results in a meaningful and operationally useful fashion. All this is possible with Data Acquisition System, which utilises a computer driven visual display unit (CRT) as an operator aid.

A screen display can be obtained within two seconds by pressing a button. Information may be displayed only when called up. The screen display can be designed in several ways, using a combination of graphical and numeric displays, so as to be of maximum utility to the operator.

Data Acquisition System aids operate in the following manner.

  • Display information instantly in condensed, understandable and legible manner so that it can be easily assimilated.
  • Display spatial as well as time variation.
  • Display vital parameters grouped together logically and concisely, eliminating the need of looking at many scattered instruments.
  • Display CRT graphic displays of plant sub-systems.
  • Display short trends on a long and short term basis, as required.
  • Analyse the data and present the highest priority problem first, and display operator guidance messages.
  • Analyse the data and present the derived data; do performance calcula¬≠tions to depict the performance of several equipments and plants.
  • Display alarms, indicating abnormal plant operating conditions on the
  • Provide trending of analog variables on strip chart recorders, in the form of a histogram on the CRT, and provide dynamic updating of parameters.
  • Produce a hard copy record of all plant operating events and various plant
  • Provide a recording of the sequence of events, whenever an emergency occurs.