Data Types of 80386 Microprocessor:

The 80386 processor is able to support the following data types:


Bit Field: A group of 4 bytes ( 32 bits)

Bit String: A string of contiguous bits of maximum 4 GB in length

Signed Byte: Signed byte data

Unsigned Byte: Unsigned byte data

Integer Word: Signed 16-bit data

Long Integer: 32-bit signed data

Unsigned Integer Word: Unsigned 16-bit data

Unsigned Long Integer: Unsigned 32-bit data

Signed Quad Word: Signed 64-bit or four word data

Unsigned Quad Word: Unsigned 64-bit data

Offset: 16 or 32-bit displacement used in any of the addressing modes

Pointer: A pair of 16-bit selector and 16/32-bit offset

Character: ASCII equivalent of any alphanumeric or control characters

Strings: Sequences of bytes, words or double words; it contains minimum one byte and maximum 4 gigabytes

BCD: Decimal digits (0-9) represented by unpacked bytes

Packed BCD: Two packed BCD digits representing 00 to 99