Dual Beam CRO Block Diagram and Working Principle:

Figure 7.18 illustrates a block diagram of a Dual Beam CRO.

Dual Beam CRO Block Diagram and Working Principle

The dual trace oscilloscope has one cathode ray gun, and an electronic switch which switches two signals to a single vertical amplifier. The dual beam oscilloscope uses two completely separate electron beams, two sets of VDPs and a single set of HDPs. Only one beam can be synchronized at one time, since the sweep is the same for both signals, i.e. a common time base is used for both beams.

Therefore, the signals must have the same frequency or must be related harmonically, in order to obtain both beams locked on the CRT screen, e.g. the input signal of an amplifier can be used as signal A and its output signal as signal B.