Ultrasonic Transducer:

Ultrasonic Transducer (sound vibrations above 20 kHz) are useful when we are concerned with rapid temperature fluctuations, temperature extremes, limited access, nuclear or other severe environmental requirements and measurement of temperature distribution inside solid bodies.

Ultrasonic Transducer

They may be used to measure the distribution of parameters other than temperature (example flow). Ultrasonics also offers possibilities of remote sensing.

Ultrasonics thermometer sensors permit one to measure an extremely wide range of temperatures, from cryogenic to plasma levels and to achieve micro to milli-second response time, milli-degree resolution, greater choice of materials for sensors, operation in nuclear or corrosive environment and remote location of transducer.

Using Ultrasonics for profiling permits one to obtain 2 Р10 or more temperatures using a single transmission line. This feature simplifies installa­tion and provides reliable, accurate data at a reasonable price.