1. AC Equivalent Circuit of Semiconductor Diode
  2. AC Load Line of BJT
  3. Amplification in Transistor
  4. Amplifier Testing
  5. Audio Power Amplifier using IC Amplifier Driver
  6. Base Bias in BJT
  7. Basic JFET Biasing Circuits Comparison
  8. Bias Circuit Design
  9. Bias Circuit Thermal Stability
  10. Biasing Bipolar Op Amp Circuit
  11. Biasing FET Switching Circuits
  12. Biasing Transistor Switching Circuits
  13. BIFET Amplifier
  14. BJT Bias Circuit Troubleshooting
  15. BJT Circuit Frequency Response Analysis
  16. BJT Cutoff Frequency and Capacitance
  17. BJT Power Amplifier with Differential Input Stages
  18. BJT Power Amplifier with Op Amp Driver
  19. Bridge Tied Load Amplifier
  20. Capacitor Coupled Class AB Output Stage
  21. Capacitor Coupled Common Base Amplifier
  22. Capacitor Coupled Two Stage CE Amplifier
  23. CE Circuit with Unbypassed Emitter Resistor
  24. Circuit Stability Precautions
  25. Clamping Circuit
  26. Collector to Base Bias Circuit Theory
  27. Colpitts Oscillator using Op Amp
  28. Common Base Characteristics of BJT
  29. Common Base Circuit Diagram
  30. Common Collector Characteristics of BJT
  31. Common Collector Circuit Analysis
  32. Common Drain Amplifier Circuit Diagram
  33. Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit
  34. Common Emitter Characteristics of BJT
  35. Common Gate Circuit
  36. Common Source Circuit Analysis
  37. Comparison of Different Biasing Circuits
  38. Complementary Emitter Follower Circuit
  39. Complementary MOSFET Common Source Power Amplifier
  40. Conductors and Insulators,Semiconductors
  41. Coupling and Bypassing Capacitors Coupling
  42. Coupling Capacitors
  43. Crystal Equivalent Circuit
  44. Darlington Connected Output Transistors
  45. DC Feedback Pair with Two Amplification Stages
  46. DC Load Line Analysis of Semiconductor Diode
  47. DC Load Line for FET
  48. DC Load Line of BJT Biasing Circuit
  49. DC Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  50. Decibels and Half Power Point Method
  51. Difference Between Common Base Common Emitter and Common Collector
  52. Differential Amplifier Circuit Operation
  53. Differential Amplifier Circuit using Transistors
  54. Diode Approximations
  55. Diode Fabrication Process and Packaging
  56. Diode Logic Circuits
  57. Diode Series Clipper Circuit
  58. Direct Coupled Circuits
  59. Direct Coupled Class AB Output Stage
  60. Direct Coupled Inverting Amplifier
  61. Discrete Transistor Packaging
  62. Effects of Negative Feedback in Amplifiers
  63. Emitter Current Feedback Circuit
  64. FET Amplification
  65. FET and BJT Difference
  66. FET Common Source Amplifier with Unbypassed Source Resistors
  67. FET Datasheet Specifications
  68. FET Equivalent Circuit Model
  69. Forward and Reverse Characteristics of Diode
  70. Forward Bias Junction
  71. Frequency Compensation Methods
  72. Frequency Response of FET Amplifier
  73. Full Wave Rectifier DC Power Supply
  74. Gate Bias Circuit
  75. Half Wave Rectifier Circuit
  76. Half Wave Rectifier with Capacitor Filter
  77. Hartley Oscillators using Op-Amp
  78. Heat Sink in Transistor
  79. IC Controller for Switching Regulators
  80. IC Linear Voltage Regulators
  81. Improving Regulator Performance
  82. Instrumentation Amplifier Circuit Working
  83. Integrated Circuit Components
  84. Integrated Circuit Operational Amplifier
  85. Integrated Circuits Fabrication Process
  86. JFET Bias Circuit Design
  87. JFET Bias Circuit Troubleshooting
  88. JFET Biasing Circuits
  89. JFET Characteristics
  90. Junction Field Effect Transistor Theory
  91. LED Seven Segment Display
  92. Light Units
  93. Load Capacitance Effect
  94. MOSFET Biasing Circuits
  95. MOSFET Construction and Characteristics
  96. MOSFET Power Amplifier with OP Amp Driver Stage
  97. Non Inverting Amplifier Theory
  98. Op Amp Circuit Bandwidth and Slew Rate Test
  99. Op Amp Voltage Regulators
  100. Operational Amplifier Circuit Stability
  101. Optocoupler Circuit Operation
  102. Oscillator Amplitude Stabilization Circuit
  103. Output Current Limiting
  104. P Type and N Type Semiconductor
  105. Parallel Current Negative Feedback Circuit
  106. Phase Shift Oscillators
  107. Photoconductive Cell Construction and Working
  108. Photodarlington Working
  109. Photodiode Operation and Characteristics
  110. Phototransistors Working
  111. PN Junction
  112. PN Junction Diode Working Principle
  113. Power Dissipation Rating in Transistor
  114. Power Supply Decoupling
  115. Power Supply Source Effect in Semiconductor
  116. Processing of Semiconductor Materials
  117. Programmable Unijunction Transistor
  118. Quasi Complementary Output Stage
  119. Reverse Bias Junction
  120. Schmitt Trigger Circuit Diagram
  121. SCR Applications Circuits
  122. SCR Control Circuit Diagram
  123. Self Bias Circuit Diagram
  124. Semiconductor Diode Specifications
  125. Semiconductor Introduction
  126. Series Voltage Negative Feedback Amplifier
  127. Short Circuit Protection Circuit
  128. Shunt Clipping Circuits
  129. Silicon Bilateral Switch
  130. Silicon Controlled Rectifier Principle Operation
  131. Silicon Unilateral Switch
  132. Single Stage Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit
  133. Single Stage Common Source Amplifier
  134. Solar Energy Conversion Diagram
  135. Solid Conductor
  136. Step Down Converter
  137. Step Up Converter
  138. Stray Capacitance Effects
  139. Switching Regulator Operation
  140. Temperature Effect on Semiconductor Diode
  141. Testing of Semiconductor Diode
  142. Thermistor Operation
  143. Transformer Coupled Amplifier Design
  144. Transformer Coupled Class A Amplifier
  145. Transformer Coupled Class B Amplifier
  146. Transistor Circuit Noise
  147. Transistor Construction Techniques and Performance
  148. Transistor Datasheet
  149. Transistor Fabrication Techniques
  150. Transistor Models and Parameters
  151. Transistor Operation
  152. Transistor Series Regulator Circuit Diagram
  153. Transistor Switching Times
  154. Transistor Testing Circuit
  155. Transistor Voltage and Current
  156. TRIAC Control Circuit Diagram
  157. TRIAC Operation and Characteristics
  158. Tunnel Diode Operation and Characteristics
  159. Tunnel Diode Parallel Amplifier Circuit
  160. Two Diode Full Wave Rectifier Circuit
  161. Two Stage CE Amplifier using Series Voltage Negative Feedback
  162. Two Stage Differential Amplifier with Negative Feedback
  163. Two Stage Direct Coupled BJT Amplifier Circuit
  164. Two Stage Direct Coupled Common Emitter Amplifier
  165. UJT Circuit Diagram
  166. Universal Transfer Characteristics for FET
  167. Voltage Divider Bias Circuit
  168. Voltage Divider Bias Circuit
  169. Voltage Follower Circuit Diagram
  170. Voltage Level Detectors
  171. Voltage Variable Capacitors
  172. Wein Bridge Oscillator using Op Amp
  173. Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Circuit
  174. Zener Diodes Characteristics