Circuits and Networks Articles:

3 Phase Delta Connection

3 Phase Star Connection

Apparent Power

Application of Laplace Transform

Application of LCR Circuit

Average Power Formula

Bandwidth of RLC Circuit

Capacitance Equation

Circuit Basics

Coefficient of Coupling

Conditions For Driving Point Function

CoTree and Tree in Circuit Analysis

Coupled Circuits Definition

Current Division

Current Magnification in Parallel Resonance

Cut Set Matrix and Tree Branch Voltages

Definition of Laplace Transform

Difference Between Electric Circuit and Magnetic Circuit

Differential Equations Solutions and Basic Concepts

Dot Convention in Coupled Circuits

Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits

Effects of Harmonics

Gate Function in Network Function

Generation of Three Phase Voltage

Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations

Ideal Transformer on Load

Impedance and Phase Angle of Series Resonant Circuit

Impedance Diagram

Incidence Matrix

Inductance Equation

Inductively Coupled Circuits

Instantaneous Power Formula

Inter Connection of Three Phase Source and Loads

Inverse Transformation

Kirchhoff’s Current Law

Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Examples

Laplace Properties

Laplace Theorem

Laplace Transform Partial Fraction

Leading Power Factor Load

Locus Diagram of Parallel RLC Circuit

Locus Diagram of RL Series Circuit

Magnetic Circuit Analysis

Magnetic Leakage and Fringing

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Measuring the Sine Wave

Mesh Analysis Equation

Mesh Current Equation

Methods of Circuit Analysis

Mutual Inductance of Coupled Circuits

Nodal Analysis Examples

Node Voltage Method

Non Homogeneous Differential Equation

Norton Equivalent Circuit

Parallel Circuits Definition

Parallel Connection of Coupled Coils

Parallel Magnetic Circuit

Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance

Phase of Sine Wave

Phase Relation in Pure Inductive Circuit

Phase Relation in Pure Resistor

Phasor Diagram Sine Wave

Poles and Zeros of Time Domain Response

Poles and Zeros of Transfer Function

Polyphase System

Power and Energy

Power Factor by Two Wattmeter Method

Power in Three Phase Circuits

Power Measurement in Single Phase Circuit by Wattmeter

Principle of Superposition Theorem

Quality Factor of Parallel RLC Circuit

Reactive Power

Reactive Power with Wattmeter

Routh Criterion

Series Circuit

Series Connection of Coupled Inductors

Series Magnetic Circuit

Series Resonance Circuit

Sine Wave Equation

Single Tuned Circuit

Sinusoidal Response of RC Circuit

Sinusoidal Response of RL Circuit

Sinusoidal Response of RLC Circuit

Source Transformation Technique

Stability Criterion in Network Function

Star Delta Control Circuit

Star Delta Transformation Formula

Supermesh Analysis

Supernode Analysis

Superposition Theorem Formula

The Sine Wave

Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

Three Phase Balanced Circuit

Three Wattmeter and Two Wattmeter Method

Tie Set Matrix

Transfer Function of Two Port Network

Transient Response of RC Circuit

Transient Response of RL Circuit

Transient Response of RLC Circuit

Twigs and Links

Unbalanced Three Phase Circuit Analysis

Unit of Resistance

Unit Ramp Function

Voltage and Current in Series Resonant Circuit

Voltage Current Characteristics

Voltage Definition

Voltage Divider

Voltage Magnification in Series Resonance

What is Current