• Capacitance Equation

    Capacitance Equation:

    Capacitance Equation – Any two conducting surfaces separated by an insulating medium exhibit the property of a capacitor. The ...

  • Circuit Basics

    Circuit Basics:

    The Circuit Basics consists of three parts: (1) energy source, such as battery or generator, (2) the load or sink, ...

  • Current Division

    Current Division:

    In a parallel circuit, the Current Division in all branches. Thus, a parallel circuit acts as a current divider. ...

  • Inductance Equation

    Inductance Equation:

    Inductance Equation – A wire of certain length, when twisted into a coil becomes a basic inductor. If current ...

  • Kirchhoff’s Current Law

    Kirchhoff’s Current Law:

    Kirchhoff’s Current Law states that the sum of the currents entering into any node is equal to the ...

  • Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Examples

    Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Examples:

    Kirchhoff’s voltage law examples states that the algebraic sum of all branch voltages around any closed path ...

  • Power and Energy

    Power and Energy:

    Power and Energy – Power is the rate of change of energy, and is denoted by either P ...

  • Unit of Resistance

    Unit of Resistance:

    Unit of Resistance – When a current flows in a material, the free electrons move through the material ...

  • Voltage Current Characteristics

    Voltage Current Characteristics:

    According to their terminal Voltage Current Characteristics, electrical Sources of Energy are categorised into ideal voltage sources and ...

  • Voltage Definition

    Voltage Definition:

    Voltage Definition – According to the structure of an atom, we know that there are two types of charges: ...

  • Voltage Divider

    Voltage Divider:

    The series circuit acts as a voltage divider. Since the same current flows through each resistor, the voltage ...

  • What is Current

    What is Current:

    What is Current – There are free electrons available in all semiconductive and conductive materials. These free ...

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