Power System Articles:

AC Distribution Calculations

AC Distribution System

Advantages of High Transmission Voltage

Air Blast Circuit Breakers

Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults

Balanced Earth Fault Protection

Base load and Peak Load on Power Station

Basic Relays

Booster Generator

Booster Transformer

Brown Boveri Regulator

Buchholz Relay

Bus Bar Arrangement in Power Station

Busbar Arrangements in Substations

Busbar Protection

Capacitance of 3 Core Cables

Capacitance of a Single Phase Two Wire Line

Capacitance of Single Core Cable

Capacitance of Three Phase Overhead Line

Circuit Breaker Ratings

Circuit Breakers Definition

Circuit Constants of a Transmission Line

Circulating Current Scheme for Transformer Protection

Classification of Overhead Transmission Lines

Classification of Underground Cables

Comparison of AC Transmission and DC Transmission

Comparison of Conductor Material in Overhead System

Comparison of Conductor Material in Underground System

Comparison of Various Systems of Transmission

Conductor Material Used for Transmission and Distribution

Constants of a Transmission Line

Construction of Underground Cables


Cost of Electrical Energy

DC Distribution Calculation

DC Distribution System

Definite Distance Type Impedance Relay

Diesel Power Station

Different Types of DC Distributors

Differential Pilot Wire Protection

Differential Protection of Alternators

Differential Relays

Distance Protection

Distance Relays or Impedance Relays

Distribution System Connection

Earth Fault Protection or Leakage Protection

Economic Choice of Conductor Size

Economic Choice of Transmission Voltages

Electric Potential Definition

Electric Power Distribution System

Electric Supply System

Electrical Energy

Energy Efficiency

Equipments in Transformer Substation

Flux Linkage

Fuses Definition

Gas Turbine Power Plant

Grading of Cables

Grounding or Earthing

Hydroelectric Power Station

Inductance of 3 Phase Overhead Line

Inductance of Single Phase Two Wire System

Induction Regulators

Induction Type Directional Overcurrent Relay

Induction Type Directional Power Relay

Induction Type Overcurrent Relay

Insulating Materials for Underground Cables

Introduction to Economics of Power Generation

Introduction to Generating Station

Introduction to Overhead Line

Key Diagram of Substation

Laying of Underground Cables


Lightning Arresters

Line Support

Load Curve on Power Station

Location of Reactors in Power System

Long Transmission Line Voltage

Loop Tests in Underground Cables

Low Power Factor

Mechanical Principles in Transmission Lines

Medium Transmission Line Voltage

Methods of Determining Depreciation

Neutral Grounding

Nuclear Power Station

Oil Circuit Breakers

Overhead vs Underground System

Percentage Reactance in Power System

Performance of Single Phase Short Transmission Line Voltage

Performance of Three Phase Short Transmission Line

Potential Distribution Over Suspension Insulator String

Power Factor

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Improvement

Power Triangle

Protection of Alternators

Protection of Transformers

Protective Relay

Relay Timing Circuit

Requirements of a Distribution System

Requirements of Satisfactory Electric Supply Connection

Resistance Grounding

Resistance Switching Circuit Breaker

Resonant Grounding

Ring Distributor

Sag in Overhead Transmission Lines

Schematic Arrangement of Steam Power Station

Selection of Power Generation Unit in Load Curve

Self GMD and Mutual GMD

Sequence Impedance of Power System

Sequence Networks Unsymmetrical Faults

Short Circuit in Power System

Short Circuit kVA

Skin Effect in Transmission Lines

Solid Grounding

Sources of Energy

Steam Turbine Efficiency

String Efficiency of Insulator

Structure of Electrical Power System


Sulphur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker

Surge Absorber

Switchgear Components in Circuit Breakers

Switchgear Definition

Switchgear Equipments

Symmetrical Faults on 3 Phase System

System Grounding

Tap Changing Auto Transformer

Tap Changing Transformers


Thermal Resistance to Heat Flow

Three Phase Service Cable

Three Phase Unbalanced Load

Three Wire DC Distribution System

Three Wire DC System Balancer Set

Time Graded Overcurrent Protection

Tirril Voltage Regulator

Transformer Substation

Translay System

Types of Cable Faults

Types of Fuses

Types of Insulators in Transmission Lines

Types of Lightning Strikes

Types of Load

Types of Protection

Unbalanced Phase Current

Underground Cables

Ungrounded Neutral System

Unit of Energy

Unsymmetrical Faults on Three Power System

Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Variable Load on Power Station

Variable Load Problem

Various Systems of Power Transmission

Voltage Control by Synchronous Condenser

Voltage Control Method in Power System

Voltage Surge or Transient Voltage

Voltage Transformer Earthing