1. 3 Phase Induction Motor Construction
  2. Applications of Electric Drives
  3. Basic Elements of Electric Drive
  4. Block Diagram of Electric Drive System
  5. Braking and 4 quadrants Operation
  6. Braking of Induction Motor
  7. Braking of Synchronous Motor
  8. Bridge Rectifier Circuit Diagram with freewheeling diode
  9. Characteristics of DC Motor
  10. Characteristics of Synchronous Motor
  11. Characteristics of Three Phase Induction Motor
  12. Charging a Capacitor in Inverter
  13. Chopper Circuit with Input Inductance
  14. Chopper Controlled Resistance
  15. Chopper Fed DC Drives
  16. Chopper Resistance in the Rotor Circuit
  17. Classification of Electric Drive
  18. Closed Loop Control of DC Motor
  19. Commutation in DC Motor
  20. Continuous Duty Motor
  21. Control of DC Electric Motor
  22. Control System Performance
  23. Controller Design Frequency Response
  24. Controller Transfer Function
  25. Correlation Between Frequency and Transient Response
  26. Current Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  27. Current Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive
  28. Current Source Inverter for Feeding Three Phase Motors
  29. Current Source Inverter with Forced Commutation
  30. Cycloconverter
  31. Cycloconverter Feeding Three Phase Induction Motor Drive
  32. DC Chopper
  33. DC Motor Basic Machine Equation
  34. DC Motor Electric Brakes
  35. DC Motor Speed Control
  36. Derating Factor of an Electric Motor
  37. Design of Controllers for Linearly Varying Inputs
  38. Dynamic Conditions of a SystemDrive
  39. Dynamic Electric
  40. Electric Converter
  41. Electric Motor Cooling and Heating
  42. Electric Motor Power Loss and Heating
  43. Electric Motors Definition
  44. Exponential Variation of the Input to the Controller
  45. Features of Electric Drive System
  46. Features of Variable Voltage Inverters
  47. Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor
  48. Four Quadrants Converters
  49. Frequency Response Transfer Function
  50. Harmonic Reduction
  51. Introduction Control Techniques in Electric Drives
  52. Inverter Control for Variable Link Voltage
  53. Magnitude Optimum
  54. Methods of Compensation in Control System
  55. Methods of Controlling Chopper Circuit
  56. Methods of Starting Electric Motor
  57. Methods to Leading Power Factor
  58. Nyquist Criterion
  59. Performance of Chopper in Steady State Condition
  60. Performance of DC Motors Operating on Phase Controlled Converters
  61. Periodic Intermittent Duty
  62. Phase Controlled Line Commutated Converter
  63. Phase Margin Optimum
  64. Polar Plot for Frequency Response
  65. Pulse Width Modulated Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  66. Regenerative Braking
  67. Relative Stability from the Nyquist Plot
  68. Reversible Drive using Armature Current Reversal
  69. Reversible Drive using Dual Converter
  70. Reversible Drive using Field Reversal
  71. Reversible Drives using Choppers
  72. Reversible Drives using Phase Controlled Converters
  73. Root Locus Plot
  74. Routh Hurwitz Criterion
  75. Selection of Ratings of Devices of a Chopper Converter
  76. Sequence control of Converters
  77. Short Time Intermittent Duty
  78. Signal Flow Graph of DC Motor in Electric Drive System
  79. Single Phase DC Series Motor Drives
  80. Single Phase Separately Excited DC Motor Drives
  81. Six pulse bridge converter
  82. Six Pulse Converter with Interphase Transformer
  83. Six pulse midpoint converter
  84. Speed Control of Variable Frequency Induction Motor
  85. Speed Control Using Slip Energy Recovery Schemes
  86. Speed Torque Characteristic of DC Shunt Motor
  87. Speed Torque Characteristic of Separately Excited DC Motor
  88. Speed Torque Characteristics of DC Compound Motor
  89. Speed Torque Characteristics of Induction Motor
  90. Speed Torque Characteristics of Series Motor
  91. Square Wave Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  92. Stability Control Drives
  93. Stability from Bode Plot of Open Loop Transfer Function
  94. Stability from Log Magnitude Angle Diagram
  95. Starting Methods of Synchronous Motor for LCI
  96. Static Scherbius Drive
  97. Symmetrical Optimum
  98. Synchronous Motor Drives
  99. Synchronous Speed on Variable Frequency Supply
  100. Three Phase AC Voltage Controller
  101. Three Phase Drives
  102. Three phase half controlled bridge circuit
  103. Three Phase Inverter
  104. Three Phase Synchronous Motor Fed From Cycloconverter
  105. Three pulse converter with freewheeling diode
  106. Three pulse midpoint converter
  107. Transfer Function of a Field Controlled DC Motor
  108. Transfer Function of Armature Controlled DC Motor
  109. Transient Response of Closed Loop Drive System
  110. Transient stability in Electrical Drives
  111. Twelve pulse converter
  112. Two pulse bridge converter
  113. Two pulse converters with freewheeling diode
  114. Two pulse half controlled bridge converter
  115. Two pulse mid point converter
  116. Two Quadrant Chopper
  117. Uncompensated Large Time Constants
  118. Voltage Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive
  119. Ward Leonard Drive Transfer Function


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