Binary Parallel Adder (IC 74LS83 / 74LS283)

Binary Parallel Adder:

Binary Parallel Adder – Many high-speed adders available in integrated-circuit form utilize the look-ahead carry or a similar technique for reducing overall propagation delays. The most common is a 4-bit parallel adder IC (74LS83/74283) that contains four inter connected full-adders and the look-ahead carry circuitry needed for high-speed operation. The 7483 and 74283 are a TTL medium scale integrated (MSI) circuit with same pin configuration. Fig. 3.28 shows the functional symbol for the 74LS283 4-bit parallel adder. The inputs to this IC are

Binary Parallel Adder

Two or more parallel-adder blocks can be connected (cascaded) to accommodate the addition of larger binary numbers.