Temperature Control System

Temperature Control System: Before going to study the temperature control system, let us see the block diagram of microprocessor based process Temperature Control System. It is capable of controlling more than one physical parameter. Such systems are commonly known as data acquisition and control systems. In these system, analog signals from various sensors are converted […]

Sensors and Transducers

Sensors and Transducers: The definition of Sensors and Transducers are follows, The input quantity for most instrumentation systems is nonelectrical. In order to use electrical methods and techniques for measurement, the nonelectrical quantity is converted into a proportional electrical signal by a device called “transducer”. Actually, electrical transducer consists of two parts which are very closely […]

Analog Interfacing

Analog Interfacing: Analog Interfacing – The primary objective of industrial process control is to control physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, level, force, light intensity, and so on. The process control system is designed to maintain these parameters near some desired specific value. As these parameters can change either spontaneously or because of […]

ADC 7109 Features

ADC 7109 Features: The ADC 7109 Features are namely, IC 7109 is a 12-bit dual slope A/D converter. It has polarity and overrange bits. It has byte organized TTL compatible three-state outputs and UART handshake mode for simple parallel or serial interfacing to microprocessor systems. It has RUN/HOLD input and STATUS output, which can be used […]

ADC0808 Pin Diagram

ADC0808 Pin Diagram: The ADC0808 Pin Diagram and ADC 0809 are monolithic CMOS devices with an 8-channel multiplexer. These devices are also designed to operate from common microprocessor control buses, with tri-state output latches driving the data bus. The main features of ADC0808 Pin Diagram are : 8-bit successive approximation ADC. 8-channel multiplexer with address […]