Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

8253 Programmable Interval Timer

8253 Programmable Interval Timer: 8253 Programmable Interval Timer – In the process control system or automation industry, a number of operations are generally performed sequen­tially. Between two operations, a fixed time delay is specified. In a microprocessor-based system, time delay can be generated using software. Sequences of operations are also performed based on software. Therefore […]

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8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller

8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller: 8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller – Microprocessor-based system design requires many I/O devices such as keyboards, displays, sensors and other components. These devices should receive servicing in an efficient manner from the CPU. The most common method of servicing such devices is known as the polled approach. In this approach, the processor

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80387 Numeric Data co-processor

80387 Numeric Data co-processor: The 80387 numeric data co-processor is an advanced version of 80287 and it is a high performance numeric data processor and it is specifically designed to operate with 80386 CPU. The instruction set of the 80387 co-processor is transparent to the programmers. The 80387 provides six to eleven times better performance

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80287 Numeric Data Processor

80287 Numeric Data Processor: The 80287 Numeric Data Processor is an advanced version of its predecessor, the 8087, and it is specially designed to operate with the processor 80286. The 80287 provides about 70 additional instructions to the instruction set of 80286. These instructions are executed coherently by 80287 under the control of 80286. The

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Pin Diagram of 8087 Processor

Pin Diagram of 8087 Processor: Figure 7.46 shows the pin diagram of 8087 processor. The operations of all pins of 8087 are explained below: AD15-AD0 The AD15-AD0 are the time multiplexed address/data lines. During T1, these lines are used as address bus A15-A0 and these lines can be used as data bus D15-D0 during T2, T3, Tw and

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8087 Numeric Data Processor

8087 Numeric Data Processor: The 8087 Numeric Data Processor (NDP) is called a high-speed math co-processor. This math co-processor is also known as Numeric Processor Extension (NPX) or Numeric Data Processor (NDP) or Floating Unit Point (FUP). The 8087 is available in 40-pin DIP packages in 5 MHz, 8 MHz, and 10 MHz versions and

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8288 Bus Controller

8288 Bus Controller: Figure 5.37 shows the 8288 bus controller which is used in the maximum-mode operation of 8086 CPU. This IC receives four inputs such as S̅2, S̅1, S̅0 status signals and CLK from 8086. There are two sets of output command signals. The first set of output command signals are the MULTIBUS command signals.

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