Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Microprocessor Based Firing Circuit of a Thyristor

Microprocessor Based Firing Circuit of a Thyristor: Figure 10.64 shows the circuit diagram for Microprocessor Based Firing Circuit of a Thyristor. In a Microprocessor Based Firing Circuit of a Thyristor, it is necessary to synchronize the microprocessor software with the ac input voltage. For this purpose, a zero crossing detector is necessary. A potential transformer …

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Microprocessor Based Traffic Light Control

Microprocessor Based Traffic Light Control: Nowadays microprocessors are used to implement the traffic control system. Figure 10.62 shows the simple model of Microprocessor Based Traffic Light Control. The various control signals such as red, green, orange, forward arrow, right arrow and left arrow are used in this scheme. The forward, right and left arrows are …

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Microprocessor Based Protection Relay

Microprocessor Based Protection Relay: Reliable and accurate protection schemes are required for any system. Microprocessors can fulfill these requirements without fail. In addition to the system protection, microprocessors can perform all control operations, analysis as well as measurement. The cost of a protective scheme should be about 1% of the cost of the equipment to …

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Measurement of Physical Quantities

Measurement of Physical Quantities: Measurement of Physical Quantities is given by Displacement Measurement Strain Measurement Force Measurement Torque Measurement Pressure Measurement Temperature Measurement Water-Level Indicator Measurement and Display of Speed of a Motor Nowadays, physical quantities such as force, displacement, acceleration, velocity, speed, temperature, pressure, flow and level, etc., are measured and displayed using microprocessors …

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Measurement of Electrical Quantities

Measurement of Electrical Quantities: Measurement of electrical quantities which includes Measurement of Voltage Measurement of Current Frequency Measurement Phase-Angle Measurement Power-Factor Measurement Impedance Measurement VA Measurement Power Measurement VAR Measurement Energy Measurement Measurement of Voltage Figure 10.9 shows the schematic block diagram of dc voltage measurement. Firstly, the dc voltage is applied to the peak …

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