Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Microprocessor Based Protection Relay

Microprocessor Based Protection Relay: Reliable and accurate protection schemes are required for any system. Microprocessors can fulfill these requirements without fail. In addition to the system protection, microprocessors can perform all control operations, analysis as well as measurement. The cost of a protective scheme should be about 1% of the cost of the equipment to

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Measurement of Physical Quantities

Measurement of Physical Quantities: Measurement of Physical Quantities is given by Displacement Measurement Strain Measurement Force Measurement Torque Measurement Pressure Measurement Temperature Measurement Water-Level Indicator Measurement and Display of Speed of a Motor Nowadays, physical quantities such as force, displacement, acceleration, velocity, speed, temperature, pressure, flow and level, etc., are measured and displayed using microprocessors

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Measurement of Electrical Quantities

Measurement of Electrical Quantities: Measurement of electrical quantities which includes Measurement of Voltage Measurement of Current Frequency Measurement Phase-Angle Measurement Power-Factor Measurement Impedance Measurement VA Measurement Power Measurement VAR Measurement Energy Measurement Measurement of Voltage Figure 10.9 shows the schematic block diagram of dc voltage measurement. Firstly, the dc voltage is applied to the peak

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Pin diagram of 8089 Processor

Pin diagram of 8089 Processor: Pin diagram of 8089 Processor – In a microprocessor-based system, there are many peripheral devices which are interconnected with the main processor as shown in Fig. 9.102(a). To perform any operation related to peripheral devices, the CPU must initiate the specified operation and also track their operations. After completion of

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Pin diagram of 16550 UART

Pin diagram of 16550 UART: The 16550 UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) is an integrated circuit which is used for the interfacing for serial communications. Usually, it is used to implement the serial port for personal com­puters and it is also used to connect to an RS-232C for modems, printers, and other peripheral devices. The 16550

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Pin Diagram of 8250 UART

Pin Diagram of 8250 UART: Pin Diagram of 8250 UART – The UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter. The UART is used in parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel conversions. Actually, UART receives data bytes from the computer and converts it into a single serial bitstream for outward transmission. During inward transmission of UART converts the serial

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Bus Interface in Microprocessor

Bus Interface in Microprocessor: Bus Interface in Microprocessor – A microcomputer consists of a set of components such as CPU, memory, I/O device and these components communicate with each other to perform a specified task. The collection of paths which connect the vari­ous devices or modules is called the interconnection structure. The design of the

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