Modern Power System

Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage Stability Analysis: The voltage stability analysis for a given system state involves examining following two aspects. Proximity to voltage instability: Distance to instability may be measured in terms of physical quantities, such as load level, real power flow through a critical interface, and reactive power reserve. Possible contingencies, such as a line outage, loss

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Voltage Stability in Power System

Voltage Stability in Power System: Voltage Stability in Power System – Voltage control and stability problems are very much familiar to the electric utility industry but are now receiving special attention by every power system analyst and researcher. With growing size along with economic and environmental pressures, the possible threat of voltage instability is becoming

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Kalman Filtering Approach

Kalman Filtering Approach: The time series approach has been widely employed in dealing with the load forecasting problem in view of the relative simplicity of the model forms. However, this method tends to ignore the statistical information about the load data which may often be available and may lead to improved load forecasts if utilized

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