Voltage Control Method in Transmission Lines

Voltage Control Method in Transmission Lines: Practically each equipment used in power system are rated for a certain voltage with a permissible band of voltage variations. Voltage at various buses must, therefore, be controlled within a specified regulation figure. This article will discuss the Voltage Control Method in Transmission Lines by two methods by means […]

Power Flow through Transmission Line

Power Flow through Transmission Line: So far the transmission line performance equation was presented in the form of voltage and current relationships between sending-and receiving-ends. Since loads are more often expressed in terms of real (watts/kW) and reactive (VARs/ kVAR) power, it is convenient to deal with transmission line equations in the form of sending- […]

Equivalent Circuit of a Long Line

Equivalent Circuit of a Long Line: So far as the end conditions are concerned, the Equivalent Circuit of a Long Line can be established in the form of a T- or π-network. The parameters of the equivalent network are easily obtained by comparing the performance equations of a π-network and a transmission line in terms […]

Tuned Power Lines in Transmission

Tuned Power Lines in Transmission: Equation (5.23) characterizes the performance of a Tuned Power Lines in long Transmission line. For an overhead line shunt conductance G is always negligible and it is sufficiently accurate to neglect line resistance R as well. With this approximation Hence Eq. (5.23) simplifies i.e. the receiving-end voltage and current are […]

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