Comparison Between Statcom and SVC

Comparison Between Statcom and SVC: Comparison Between Statcom and SVC – It may be noted that in the normal linear operating range of the V-I characteristic and functional compensation capability of the STATCOM and the SVC are similar. However, the basic operating principles of the STATCOM, which, with a converter based var generator, functions as […]

Shunt Compensations

Shunt Compensations: Shunt Compensations are connected in shunt at various system nodes (major substations) and sometimes at mid-point of lines. These serve the purposes of voltage control and load stabilization. As a result of installation of shunt compensators in the system, the nearby generators operate at near unity pf and voltage emergencies mostly do not […]

Load Compensation

Load Compensation: Load compensation is the management of reactive power to improve power quality i.e. V profile and pf. Here the reactive power flow is controlled by installing shunt compensating devices (capacitors/reactors) at the load end bringing about proper balance between generated and consumed reactive power. This is most effective in improving the power transfer […]

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