Power System Stability

Factors Affecting Transient Stability

Factors Affecting Transient Stability: Factors Affecting Transient Stability – The two-machine system can be equivalently reduced to a single machine connected to infinite bus bar. The qualitative conclusions regarding system stability drawn from a two-machine or an equivalent one-machine infinite bus system can be easily extended to a multimachine system. In the last article we …

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Transient Stability in Power System

Transient Stability in Power System: Transient Stability in Power System – It has been shown already that the dynamics of a single synchronous machine connected to infinite bus bars is governed by the nonlinear differential equation where As said earlier, this equation is known as the swing equation. No closed format solution exists for swing …

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Dynamics of Synchronous Machine

Dynamics of Synchronous Machine: The Kinetic Energy of the Rotor at Dynamics of a Synchronous Machine is where J = rotor moment of inertia in Kg-m2 ωsm =  synchronous speed in rad (mech)/s But where P = number of machine poles where M = J (2/P)2 ωs x 10-6 = moment of inertia in MJ-s/elect rad We shall …

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