Load Forecasting

Kalman Filtering Approach

Kalman Filtering Approach: The time series approach has been widely employed in dealing with the load forecasting problem in view of the relative simplicity of the model forms. However, this method tends to ignore the statistical information about the load data which may often be available and may lead to improved load forecasts if utilized

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Types of Forecasting Methods

Types of Forecasting Methods: Types of Forecasting Methods may be divided into three broad classes. Techniques may be based on extrapolation or on correlation or on a combination of both. Techniques may be further classified as either deterministic, probabilistic or stochastic. Extrapolation Techniques: Extrapolation techniques involve fitting trend curves to basic historical data adjusted to

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What is Load Forecasting in Power System?

Introduction to Load Forecasting Technique

What is Load Forecasting in Power System?: Load Forecasting in Power System plays an important role in power system planning, operation and control. Forecasting means estimating active load at various load buses ahead of actual load occurrence Planning and operational applications of load forecasting requires a certain ‘lead time’ also called forecasting intervals. Nature of

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