Kalman Filtering Approach

Kalman Filtering Approach: Kalman Filtering Approach – The time series approach has been widely employed in dealing with the load forecasting problem in view of the relative simplicity of the model forms. However, this method tends to ignore the statistical information about the load data which may often be available and may lead to improved […]

Estimation of Time Series Prediction

Estimation of Time Series Prediction: Estimation of Time Series Prediction – If yd(k) is subtracted from the sequence y(k), the result would be a sequence of data for the stochastic part of the load. We have to identify the model for ys (k) and then use it to make the prediction ys(k+j). A convenient method […]

Estimation Techniques of Periodic Components

Estimation Techniques of Periodic Components: Estimation Techniques of Periodic Components — The deterministic part of the load may contain some periodic components in addition to the average and the polynomial terms. Consider for example the curve shown in Fig. 16.2 which gives the variation of the active power supplied by a power utility over a […]

Forecasting Methodology

Forecasting Methodology: Forecasting Methodology may be divided into three broad classes. Techniques may be based on extrapolation or on correlation or on a combination of both. Techniques may be further classified as either deterministic, probabilistic or stochastic. Extrapolation Extrapolation techniques involve fitting trend curves to basic historical data adjusted to reflect the growth trend itself. […]