Resistance Temperature Detector Working

Resistance Temperature Detector Working: Resistance Temperature Detector Working commonly use platinum, nickel or any resistance wire whose resistance varies with temperature and which has a high intrinsic accuracy. They are available in many configuration and sizes; as shielded or open units for both immersion and surface applications. The relationship between temperature and resistance of conductors […]

Temperature Transducer

Temperature Transducer: Temperature Transducer is one of the most widely measured and controlled variable in industry, as a lot of products during manufacturing requires controlled temperature at various stages of processing. A wide variety of Temperature Transducer and temperature measurement systems have been developed for different applications requirements. Most of the Temperature Transducer are of […]

Semiconductor PhotoDiode

Semiconductor PhotoDiode: A reverse biased Semiconductor PhotoDiode passes only a very small leakage current (a fraction of 1μA in silicon diodes), if the junction is exposed to light. Under illumination, however, the current rises almost in direct proportion to the light intensity. Hence, the photo-diode can be used for the same purposes as a photo­conductive […]

Photoelectric Transducer Working

Photoelectric Transducer Working: Photoelectric Transducer Working can be categorised as photo emissive, photo-conductive or photo-voltaic. In photo emissive devices, radiation falling on a cathode causes electrons to be emitted from the cathode surface. In photo conductive devices, the resistance of a material is changed when it is illuminated. Photo voltaic cells generate an output voltage […]

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