Beta Gauge Thickness Measurement

Beta Gauge Thickness Measurement: Beta Gauge Thickness Measurement – A common and characteristic feature of a radioactive element is that they disintegrate spontaneously to produce fresh radioactive elements called daughter elements. This activity of parent elements is termed as radioactivity.. During this disintegration, high energy radiations are emitted from the nuclear of the radioactive element. […]

Turbine Flow meter Principle

Turbine Flow meter Principle: The Turbine Flow meter Principle is used for the measurement of liquid gas and gases of very low flow rate. It works on the principle of turbine. It consists of a multibladed rotor (called turbine wheel) which is mounted 90° to the axis of the flowing liquid as shown in Fig. […]

Magnetic Flow Meter Construction

Magnetic Flow Meter Construction: Magnetic Flow Meter Construction are the first type of flowmeters to be considered for high corrosive applications and for applications involving measurement of erosive slurries. These meters work on the principle of Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, which states that whenever a conductor moves through a magnetic field of given field […]

Mechanical Transducer Definition

Mechanical Transducer Definition: Mechanical Transducer Definition – The measurement of flow rate and quantity is the oldest of all measurements of process variables in the field of instrumentation. It is used to determine the amount of materials flowing in or out of a process. Without flow measurements, plant material balancing, quality control and the operation […]

Ultrasonic Temperature Transducer

Ultrasonic Temperature Transducer: Ultrasonic Temperature Transducer (sound vibrations above 20 kHz) are useful when we are concerned with rapid temperature fluctuations, temperature extremes, limited access, nuclear or other severe environmental requirements and measurement of temperature distribution inside solid bodies. They may be used to measure the distribution of parameters other than temperature (example flow). Ultrasonics […]

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