Control of Electric Motors

Commutation in DC Motor

Commutation in DC Motor: Commutation and commutator wear and tear of the dc motor must be given due consideration when the motor operates on solid state converters. Spark-less commutation must be aimed at. The reactance voltage and dynamically induced voltage in the coil undergoing commutation affect the rate of change of current in the coil. […]

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Torque Equation of DC Motor

Torque Equation of DC Motor: When dc voltage is applied to the armature of a dc motor with its field excited by dc, a torque is developed and the armature rotates. It accelerates to a speed at which the emf induced in the armature conductors balances the applied voltage and the following Torque Equation of

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Synchronous Motor Drives

Synchronous Motor Drives: Variable frequency drives employing synchronous motor are receiving consid­erable interest, and are even becoming competitors to both induction motors and dc motors. These are popular as drives for very high power applications, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, etc. The stator of the synchronous motor is supplied from a thyristor power converter capable

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