Stepper Motor Classification

Stepper Motor Classification: The Stepper Motor Classification based on the construction and principle of operation. These are Variable reluctance motors Permanent magnet motors Hybrid stepping motors Claw pole motors with permanent magnets The stepper motors are used for linear motors also. These are also classified as ‘variable reluctance motors’ and ‘permanent magnet motors’. Variable Reluctance […]

Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper Motor Applications: The microprocessors are employed for the control of stepper motors which are generally used as position actuators. Some other Stepper Motor Applications are to drive floppy discs, numerical control of machine tools, X-Y plotters etc. The ease with which these can be controlled using microprocessor has made them very popular in the […]

Margin Angle Control of Synchronous Motors

Margin Angle Control of Synchronous Motors: The commutation Margin Angle Control of Synchronous Motors is defined as the angle measured from the end of commutation to the crossing of the phase voltage which was under commu­tation (natural firing instant). For satisfactory operation, without commuta­tion failure, this margin angle must be greater than the turn off […]

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