Reversible Drives using Choppers

Reversible Drives using Choppers: Using two quadrant choppers a reversible drive can be achieved, because this combination allows reversal of both current and voltage of the motor termi­nals. We can get a regenerative reversible drive. The motor can operate in all four quadrants. A scheme of a Reversible Drives using Choppers is shown in Fig. […]

Reversible Drive using Dual Converter

Reversible Drive using Dual Converter: It is possible to reverse both voltage and current of the load using a dual converter. The current reversal is very fast in this case as the system is static without the mechanical output. A Reversible Drive using Dual Converter can be operated in either circulating current mode or circulating […]

Reversible Drive using Armature Current Reversal

Reversible Drive using Armature Current Reversal: A schematic of a reversible drive using contactors to reverse the Armature Current Reversal for reversing the rotation is shown kin Fig. 4.81. The contactors F1 and F2 are provided for rotation in the forward direction, whereas R1 and R2 in the reverse direction. This arrangement reverses the current in […]

Reversible Drives using Phase Controlled Converters

Reversible Drives: When speed control in both forward and reverse directions is required a Reversible Drives is used. In several applications the speed reversal may be required very frequently in which case a regenerative reversal may be advantageous. The drive is very efficient as the kinetic energy of rotating parts is returned to the supply. […]

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