Op amp Applications

Op amp Applications:

Op amp Applications – The countless simple circuits using one or more operational amplifiers, some external resistors and the capacitors can be constructed. Such op-amp applications are classified as linear and nonlinear type of applications.

In Linear Applicaations, output voltage varies linearily with respect to the input voltage. The negative feedback is the base of linear applications. Some of the linear applications are voltage follower, differential amplifier, instrumentation amplifier, inverting amplifier, tioninvertinz amplifier etc.

In the nonlinear applications, a feedback is provided from the output to the input terminal. The feedback may be provided to the inverting input terminal using nonlinear elements like diodes, transistors etc. The nonlinear input to output characteristics is the feature of nonlinear applications. The typical nonlinear applications are precision rectifiers, comparators, dampers, limiters, schinitt trigger circuit etc.

While deriving the expressions and analysing such circuits, the realistic assumptions can be conviniently used. The op-amp input current is zero while the potential difference between inverting and noninverting terminals is zero. Thus if one terminal is grounded, then potential of other terminal can be assumed zero i.e. it is also at ground potential. This is the concept of virtual ground, which plays an important role in analysing the op amp application circuits.

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