Non Inverting Operational Amplifier:

An amplifier which amplifies the input without producing any phase shift between input and output is called Noninverting Amplifier. The basic circuit diagram of a Non Inverting Operational Amplifier is shown in the Fig. 2.20. The input is applied to the noninverting input terminal of the op-amp.

Non Inverting Operational Amplifier

Let us derive the expression for its closed loop voltage gain.

The node B is at potential Vin, hence the potential of point A is same as B which is Vin , from the concept of virtual share.

Non Inverting Operational Amplifier

From the output side we can write,

At the inverting terminal,

Entire current passes through R1 as input current of op-amp is zero.

Equating equations (2) and (3),

Non Inverting Operational Amplifier

The positive sign indicates that there is no phase shift between input and output. The input and output waveforms are shown in the Fig. 2.21.

Input and Output Waveforms of Non Inverting Operational Amplifier

Comparison between Inverting and Noninverting Amplifier:

The Table 2.2 provides the comparison between inverting and noninverting amplifier using op-amp circuits.

Comparison between Inverting and Noninverting Amplifier