Balanced Earth Fault Protection

Balanced Earth Fault Protection: In small-size alternators, the neutral ends of the three-phase windings are often connected internally to a single terminal. Therefore, it is not possible to use Merz-Price circulating current principle described above because there are no facilities for accommodating the necessary current transformers in the neutral connection of each phase winding. Under […]

Differential Protection of Alternators

Differential Protection of Alternators: The most common system used for the protection of stator winding faults employs circulating-current principle (Refer back to Art. 21.18). In this scheme of Differential Protection of Alternators, currents at the two ends of the protected section are compared. Under normal operating conditions, these currents are equal but may become unequal […]

Translay System

Translay System: This system is the modified form of voltage-balance system. Although the principle of balanced (opposed) voltages is retained, it differs from the above voltage-balance system in that the balance or opposition is between voltages induced in the secondary coils wound on the relay magnets and not between the secondary voltages of the line […]

Differential Relays

Differential Relays: Most of the relays discussed so far relied on excess of current for their operation. Such relays are less sensitive because they cannot make correct distinction between heavy load conditions and minor fault conditions. In order to overcome this difficulty, differential relays are used. A differential relays is one that operates when the […]

Basic Relays

Basic Relays: Most of the Basic Relays used in the power system operate by virtue of the current and/or voltage supplied by current and voltage transformers connected in various combinations to the system element that is to be protected. Through the individual or relative changes in these two quantities, faults signal their presence, type and […]

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