Substation in Power System

Busbar Arrangements in Substations

Busbar Arrangements in Substations: Busbar are the important components in a sub-station. There are several Busbar Arrangements in Substations that can be used in a sub-station. The choice of a particular arrangement depends upon various factors such as system voltage, position of sub-station, degree of reliability, cost etc. The following are the important bus-bar arrangements …

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Equipments in Transformer Substation

Equipments in Transformer Substation: The Equipments in Transformer Substation depends upon the type of sub-station, service requirement and the degree of protection desired. However, in general, the Equipments in Transformer Substation are : 1. Bus-bars: When a number of lines operating at the same voltage have to be directly connected electrically, bus-bars are used as the …

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Substation: The assembly of apparatus used to change some characteristic (e.g. voltage, ac. to dc., frequency, p.f. etc.) of electric supply is called a Substation. Sub-stations are important part of power system. The continuity of supply depends to a considerable extent upon the successful operation of sub-stations. It is, therefore, essential to exercise utmost care …

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