Substation in Power System

Key Diagram of Substation

Key Diagram of Substation 66/11KV: Fig. 25.10 shows the key diagram of a typical 66/11 kV sub-station. The Key Diagram of Substation can be explained as under: 1. There are two 66 kV incoming lines marked ‘incoming 1’ and ‘incoming 2’ connected to the bus-bars. Such an arrangement of two incoming lines is called a […]

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Busbar Arrangements in Substations

Busbar Arrangements in Substations: Busbar are the important components in a sub-station. There are several Busbar Arrangements in Substations that can be used in a sub-station. The choice of a particular arrangement depends upon various factors such as system voltage, position of sub-station, degree of reliability, cost etc. The following are the important bus-bar arrangements

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Equipments in Transformer Substation

Equipments in Transformer Substation: The Equipments in Transformer Substation depends upon the type of sub-station, service requirement and the degree of protection desired. However, in general, the Equipments in Transformer Substation are : 1. Bus-bars: When a number of lines operating at the same voltage have to be directly connected electrically, bus-bars are used as the

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Transformer Substation

Transformer Substation: The majority of the sub-stations in the power system are concerned with the changing of voltage level of electric supply. These are known as Transformer Substation because transformer is the main component employed to change the voltage level. Depending upon the purpose served, Transformer Substation may be classified into : Step-up sub-station Primary

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Substation: The assembly of apparatus used to change some characteristic (e.g. voltage, ac. to dc., frequency, p.f. etc.) of electric supply is called a Substation. Sub-stations are important part of power system. The continuity of supply depends to a considerable extent upon the successful operation of sub-stations. It is, therefore, essential to exercise utmost care

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