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Wagner Earth Connection

Wagner Earth Connection: Wagner Earth Connection – When performing measurements at high frequency, stray capacitances between the various bridge elements and ground, and between the bridge arms themselves, become significant. This introduces an error in the measurement, when small values of capacitance and large values of inductance are measured. An effective method of controlling these capacitances, […]

Comparison Bridge

Comparison Bridge: There are two types of Comparison Bridge, Namely 1.Capacitance Comparison Bridge 2.Inductance Comparison Bridge 1.Capacitance Comparison Bridge Figure 11.18 shows the circuit of a capacitance comparison bridge. The ratio arms R1, R2 are resistive. The known standard capacitor C3 is in series with R3. R3 may also include an added variable resistance needed to balance the […]

Digital Readout Bridge

Digital Readout Bridge: The tremendous increase in the use of digital circuitry has had a marked effect on electronic test instruments. The early use of digital circuits in bridges was to provide a Digital Readout Bridge. The actual measuring circuitry of the bridge remained the same, but operator error in observing the reading was eliminated. […]

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit: A Wheatstone Bridge Circuit in its simplest form consists of a network of four resistance arms forming a closed circuit, with a dc source of current applied to two opposite junctions and a current detector connected to the other two junctions, as shown in Fig. 11.1. Wheatstone Bridge Circuit are extensively used for measuring […]