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Wagner Earth Connection

Wagner Earth Connection: Wagner Earth Connection – When performing measurements at high frequency, stray capacitances between the various bridge elements and ground, and between the bridge arms themselves, become significant. This introduces an error in the measurement, when small values of capacitance and large values of inductance are measured. An effective method of controlling these capacitances, […]

Wien Bridge Circuit Diagram

Wien Bridge Circuit Diagram: The Wien Bridge Circuit Diagram shown in Fig. 11.27 has a series RC combination in one arm and a parallel combination in the adjoining arm. Wien’s bridge in its basic form, is designed to measure frequency. It can also be used for the measurement of an unknown capaci­tor with great accuracy. […]

Scherings Bridge Experiment

Scherings Bridge Experiment: A very important bridge used for the precision measurement of capacitors and their insulating properties is the Scherings Bridge Experiment. Its basic circuit arrangement is given in Fig. 11.25. The standard capacitor C3 is a high quality mica capacitor (low-loss) for general measurements, or an air capacitor (having a very stable value and […]

Hays Bridge Circuit

Hays Bridge Circuit: Hays Bridge Circuit, shown in Fig. 11.23, differs from Maxwell’s bridge by having a resistance R1 in series with a standard capacitor C1 instead of a parallel. For large phase angles, R1 needs to be low; therefore, this bridge is more convenient for measuring high-Q coils. For Q = 10, the error is […]

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