What is Core Processor?:

What is Core Processor? – The Chip-level Multiprocessor (CMP) or multi-core CPU merges two or more independent cores into a single package integrated circuit, called a die. A processor with two or more cores on a single die is called a monolithic processor. A multi-core microprocessors provides multiprocessing in a single physical package.

In this processor, each ‘core’ independently implements superscalar execution, pipelining, and multithreading.

What is Core Processor

A dual-core processors is a single chip that contains two distinct processors or cores in the same integrated circuit. Figure 12.66 shows an Intel Core 2 dual-core processors, with CPU-local Level 1 caches, and a shared, on-die Level 2 cache. This processor is introduced in 2006. The processor performance depends on the core and front-side bus clock frequency and amount of second-level cache. Core 2 Duo processors typically use the full L2 cache of 2, 3, 4 or 6 MB available in the chip. Core 2 Duo is widely used in embedded processors, network processors and digital signal processors, desktop computers, mobile Core 2 processor and in GPUs.

A quad-core processors contains four cores and it is represented by Core 2 Quad which is introduced by Intel in 2007. Actually, Core 2 Quad processors consist of two Core 2 Duo dies in a single die. Therefore, the performance of a Core 2 Quad is increased by two times from dual-core processors at the same clock frequency.