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Application of Permanent Magnet Motor

Application of Permanent Magnet Motor: Application of Permanent Magnet Motor are given in Table 2.1. These properties are: residual flux density Br, coercive magnetizing force Hc maximum energy stored (BH)max and resistivity. Type A material is cheap but heavy, and suitable for low-rated production-run motors. Types B and C materials are hard and can be […]

Permanent Magnet Definition

Permanent Magnet Definition: The Permanent Magnet Definition is an important excitation source (life long) commonly employed for imparting energy to magnetic circuits used in rotating machines and other types of electromechanical devices. There are three classes of permanent magnet materials (or hard magnetic materials) used for permanent magnet dc (PMDC) motors: Alnicos, ceramics (ferrites) and […]

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