Difference Between Resistance and Arc Welding:

The Difference between resistance and arc welding is given in table below

Particulars Resistance Welding Arc Welding
Supply Usually ac only. AC or dc.
Voltage Very low. The striking voltage is high so requires voltage control.
Power factor Very low. Poor.
Additional material requirement No material is added in any form to get the two pieces joined. Suitable filler metal electrodes are necessary to get proper strength.
External pressure External pressure is required. No external pressure is required hence the equipment is more simple and easy to control.
Development of heat Heat is developed due to flow of current through the contact resistance mainly. Heat is developed due to arc between electrode and the work piece.
Temperature The temperature attained is not very high as in case of arc welding. The temperature of the arc is very high and so likely to damage the work if not properly handled.
Applications It cannot be used for repair work. It is most suitable for mass production. It is not suitable for mass production. It is most suitable for repair work and where more metal is to be deposited.
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