Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance

Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance: Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance – Basically, parallel resonance occurs when XC = XL. The frequency at which resonance occurs is called the resonant frequency. When XC = XL, the two branch currents are equal in magnitude and 180° out of phase with each other. Therefore, the two currents cancel each other out, …

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Bandwidth of RLC Circuit

Bandwidth of RLC Circuit: The bandwidth of any system is the range of frequencies for which the current or output voltage is equal to 70.7% of its value at the resonant frequency, and it is denoted by BW. Figure 8.9 shows the response of a series Bandwidth of RLC Circuit. Here the frequency f1 is …

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Series Resonance Circuit

Series Resonance Circuit: Series Resonance Circuit – In many electrical circuits, resonance is a very important phenomenon. The study of resonance is very useful, particularly in the area of communications. For, example, the ability of a radio receiver to select a certain frequency, transmitted by a station and to eliminate frequencies from other stations is …

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