Locus Diagram of RL Series Circuit

Locus Diagram of RL Series Circuit: To discuss the basis of representing a Locus Diagram of RL Series Circuit by means of a circle diagram consider the circuit shown in Fig. 8.19(a). The analytical procedure is greatly simplified by assuming that inductance elements have no resistance and that capacitors have no leakage current. The circuit

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Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance

Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance: Parallel RLC Circuit Resonance – Basically, parallel resonance occurs when XC = XL. The frequency at which resonance occurs is called the resonant frequency. When XC = XL, the two branch currents are equal in magnitude and 180° out of phase with each other. Therefore, the two currents cancel each other out,

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Bandwidth of RLC Circuit

Bandwidth of RLC Circuit: The bandwidth of any system is the range of frequencies for which the current or output voltage is equal to 70.7% of its value at the resonant frequency, and it is denoted by BW. Figure 8.9 shows the response of a series Bandwidth of RLC Circuit. Here the frequency f1 is

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Series Resonance Circuit

Series Resonance Circuit: Series Resonance Circuit – In many electrical circuits, resonance is a very important phenomenon. The study of resonance is very useful, particularly in the area of communications. For, example, the ability of a radio receiver to select a certain frequency, transmitted by a station and to eliminate frequencies from other stations is

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