Graph Theory Network Analysis

Graph Theory Network Analysis: To analyse a network means to find current through any branch or voltage across any branch. We can analyse given network using Graph Theory Network Analysis by relating branch currents and loop currents or branch voltages and node voltages (across tree branches). Relationship between Branch Currents and Loop Currents: Let [Ib] […]

Define Incidence Matrix

Define Incidence Matrix: Define Incidence Matrix consists of two parts, namely Complete Incidence Matrix Reduced Incidence Matrix Complete Incidence Matrix (Aa): Define Incidence Matrix is nothing but a mathematical model to represent the given network with all the information available. The information regarding the network is nothing but which branches are incident at which node […]

Network Topology

Network Topology: Basically network analysis is nothing but finding unknown branch currents or voltages across various branches. We can find these unknown parameters by using different network simplification techniques. These network simplifications involves basic Kirchhoff’s laws application, loop analysis, nodal analysis, star-delta (λ – Δ) transformations, source shifting and source transformation. The mesh analysis and […]

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