Linear and Switching Voltage Regulators

IC Controller for Switching Regulators

IC Controller for Switching Regulators: The functional block diagram of a MC34063 integrated circuit controller is shown in Fig. 17-38. This IC is designed to be used as a variable off time IC Controller for Switching Regulators. The components parts of the diagram in Fig. 17-38 are: Switching transistor (Q1) controlled by transistor Q2. Set-reset …

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Short Circuit Protection Circuit

Short Circuit Protection Circuit: Power supplies used in laboratories are subject to overloads and short circuits. Short Circuit Protection Circuit by means of current limiting circuits is necessary in such equipment to prevent the destruction of components when an overload occurs. Transistor Q7 and resistor R10 in Fig. 17-13(a) constitute a current limiting circuit. When …

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Improving Regulator Performance

Improving Regulator Performance: Error Amplifier Gain – The performance of a regulator is dependent on the voltage gain of the error amplifier. A higher gain amplifier gives better line and load regulation. So, anything that improves the amplifier voltage gain will improve the regulator performance. Two possibilities to increase Av are: using as transistor with …

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