DC Distribution

Booster Generator

Booster Generator: A Booster Generator is a D.C. generator whose function is to inject or add certain voltage into a circuit so as to compensate the IR drop in the feeders etc. A Booster Generatorr is essentially a series d.c. gen­erator of large current capacity and is con­nected in series with the feeder whose voltage […]

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Ring Distributor

Ring Distributor: A distributor arranged to form a closed loop and fed at one or more points is called a ring distributor. Such a distributor starts from one point, makes a loop through the area to be served, and returns to the original point. For the purpose of calculating voltage distribution, the distributor can be considered

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DC Distribution Calculation

DC Distribution Calculation: In addition to the methods of feeding discussed above, a DC Distribution Calculation may have concentrated loading uniform loading both concentrated and uniform loading. The concentrated loads are those which act on particu­lar points of the dis­tributor. A common example of such loads is that tapped off for domestic use. On the

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Different Types of DC Distributors

Different Types of DC Distributors: Different Types of DC Distributors – In the beginning of the electrical age, electricity was generated as a direct current and voltages were low. The resistance losses in the lines made it impracticable to transmit and distribute power for more than a few localities of the city. With the development

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