Measurement Set up

Modulation Frequency Definition

Modulation Frequency Definition: Modulation Frequency Definition is the process of impressing information on a carrier wave by altering either its amplitude of frequency. In amplitude modulation, the degree is the percentage of amplitude change from the unmodulated value of the carrier. In Modulation Frequency Definition, the frequency deviation is the change in frequency in one …

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Nonlinear Distortion Measurements

Nonlinear Distortion Measurements: One of the methods of Nonlinear Distortion Measurements consists of simulta¬≠neously applying two sinusoidal voltages of different frequencies to the amplifier input and observing the sum, difference and various combination frequencies that are produced by the non-linearity of the amplifier. This method of Nonlinear Distortion Measurements is called the intermodulation method. The …

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Simple Cylindrical Cavity Wavemeter

Simple Cylindrical Cavity Wavemeter: Resonant cavities find extensive use as wavemeter at microwave frequencies. They enjoy high accuracy, mechanical simplicity, and a large physical size in proportion to the wavelength being measured. Practical cavity wavemeter are always in the form of cylinders which are tunable by means of a piston that varies the length of …

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