Measuring Amplitude Modulation

Measuring Amplitude Modulation Using CRO: The CRO is widely used as an Measuring Amplitude Modulation. It presents the waveform for visual monitoring and is fairly accurate in measurements of modulation percentage. The type of CRO pattern observed depends on how the CRO is connected. The various patterns obtained are (i) wave envelope (ii) trapezoidal, and […]

Modulation Frequency Definition

Modulation Frequency Definition: Modulation Frequency Definition is the process of impressing information on a carrier wave by altering either its amplitude of frequency. In amplitude modulation, the degree is the percentage of amplitude change from the unmodulated value of the carrier. In Modulation Frequency Definition, the frequency deviation is the change in frequency in one […]

Audio Amplifier Frequency Response

Audio Amplifier Frequency Response: The Audio Amplifier Frequency Response is essential for filters, couplings circuits, amplifier stages and overall audio circuits. An amplifier stage is used as an example. A test setup for this amplifier stage is shown in Fig. 16.10. This measurement is used to determine the band of frequencies that this stage can […]

CCIF Intermodulation Distortion

CCIF Intermodulation Distortion: In the second method of carrying out an CCIF Intermodulation Distortion test, the two test signals used have equal amplitude, and relatively high but slightly different frequencies. When non-linear distortion is present, a difference frequency component appears in the output and is used as a measure of the amount of distortion present. […]

Nonlinear Distortion Measurements

Nonlinear Distortion Measurements: One of the methods of Nonlinear Distortion Measurements consists of simulta¬≠neously applying two sinusoidal voltages of different frequencies to the amplifier input and observing the sum, difference and various combination frequencies that are produced by the non-linearity of the amplifier. This method of Nonlinear Distortion Measurements is called the intermodulation method. The […]