Diode Logic Circuits

Diode Logic Circuits: A Diode Logic Circuits produces an output voltage which is either high or low, depending upon the levels of several input voltages. The two basic logic circuits are the AND gate and the OR gate. Diode AND Gate: Figure 3-49 shows the circuit diagram of a diode AND gate. It is seen […]

DC Voltage Multiplier Circuit

DC Voltage Multiplier Circuit: DC Voltage Multiplier Circuit – A voltage doubling circuit produces an output voltage which is approximately double the peak voltage of the input waveform. Consideration of the voltage doubling circuit in Fig. 3-42 shows that it is simply a combination of two diode-capacitor clamping circuits without the discharge resistors. In fact, […]

Clamping Circuit

Clamping Circuit: Negative and Positive Voltage Clamping Circuits – A clamping circuit, also known as a dc restorer, changes the dc voltage level of a waveform, but does not affect its shape Consider the clamping circuit shown in Fig. 3-33. When the square wave input is positive, diode D1 is forward biased, and voltage equals […]

Shunt Clipping Circuits

Shunt Clipping Circuits: A positive Shunt Clipping Circuits is illustrated in Fig. 3-28(a). Here the diode is connected in shunt (or parallel) with the output terminals. When the input is negative, the diode is reverse biased and only a small voltage drop occurs across RI, due to load current IL. This means that the circuit […]

Diode Series Clipper Circuit

Diode Series Clipper Circuit: The function of a Diode Series Clipper Circuit (or limiter) is to clip off an unwanted portion of a waveform. This is sometimes necessary to protect a device or circuit that might be destroyed by a large amplitude (negative or positive) signal. A half-wave rectifier can be described as a clipper, […]

Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Circuit

Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Circuit: Regulator Circuit With No Load – The most important application of Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Circuit is dc voltage regulator circuits. These can be the simple regulator circuit shown in Fig. 3-19, or the more complex regulators. The circuit in Fig. 3-19 is usually employed as a voltage reference source […]