Frequency Response of FET Amplifier

Frequency Response of FET Amplifier: Low-Frequency Response – The low Frequency Response of FET Amplifier circuits is determined by exactly the same considerations as for BJT circuits. The lower cutoff frequency is normally set by a source bypass capacitor, and it can be affected by coupling capacitors. High Frequency Response: Unlike BJTs, a device cutoff […]

FET and BJT Difference

FET and BJT Difference: FET and BJT Difference (CS, CD, and CG Circuit Comparison) – Table 11-1 compares Zi, Zo and Av for CS, CD, and CG circuits. As already discussed, the CS circuit has voltage gain, high input impedance, high output impedance, and a 180° phase shift from input to output. The CD circuit has high […]

Common Gate Circuit

Common Gate Circuit: The FET Common Gate Circuit (CG) shown in Fig. 11-19 uses voltage divider bias. The ac output is taken from the drain terminal, and an external load (RL) is capacitor-coupled to the drain, exactly as in the case of a common-source circuit. Unlike a CS circuit, the ac input for the CG […]