Data Acquisition

Binary Ladder Circuits

Binary Ladder Circuits: A Binary Ladder Circuits is constructed of resistors having only two values and thus overcomes the disadvantages of weighted resistors. The left end of the ladder is terminated in 2 R, as shown in Fig. 17.14. Assuming that all digital inputs are at ground, beginning at point A of Fig. 17.14, the …

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Variable Resistor Network

Variable Resistor Network: Variable Resistor Network – The basic problem in converting a digital signal into an equivalent analog signal is to change the n digital voltage levels into one equivalent analog voltage. This can be achieved most easily by designing a Variable Resistor Network which changes each of the digital levels into an equivalent binary …

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Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System: A typical Data Acquisition System consists of individual sensors with the necessary signal conditioning, data conversion, data processing, multiplexing, data handling and associated transmission, storage and display systems. In order to optimise the characteristics of the system in terms of performance, handling capacity and cost, the relevant sub systems can be combined …

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