Types of Encoder

Types of Encoder: Types of Encoder – By the use of a digital code, it is possible to identify the position of a movable test piece in terms of a binary number. The position is converted into a train of pulses. This is achieved by a digital transducer and is also termed as encoder. Since […]

Electromechanical AD Converter

Electromechanical AD Converter: Another area of application in which Electromechanical AD Converter is very important, involves the translation of the angular position of a shaft into digital information. (A very common application of this type of conversion is found in large radar installations, where the azimuth and elevation information are determined directly from the shaft […]

Sensors Based Computer Data Systems

Sensors Based Computer Data Systems: This Sensors Based Computer Data Systems describes hardware/software which is commercially available at several levels of completeness, ranging from single board computer “front ends” to stand alone system and high level programming languages. Even the simplest and least expensive devices require considerable electro­nics/computer expertise on the part of the user, […]

Data Logger Summary

Data Logger Summary: In general, a data logger is a comprehensive and highly advanced Data Logger Summary. It is made versatile and flexible, to render it suitable for widely varying applications, specific requirements being met simply by setting up a suitable program. It can accommodate from 10 to 1000 analog signals, depending upon the capacity […]

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