Nuclear Reaction Equation:

The Nuclear Reaction Equation are connected with the resettlement of protons and neutrons within the atom. The equations are similar to chemical reactions. The change in the mass of the particle represents the release of energy, that is if the total mass of the particle after the reaction is reduced, it has liberated energy, consequently, the increase in the mass of the particle will cause absorption of energy. In simple word, the nuclear reaction equation shows the balance of neutron and proton. The variation of energy is in the order of MeV.

Steps to write a nuclear reaction

Step 1 – The bombardment nuclei is written first on the left hand side

Step 2 – In the middle within a bracket, first the incident particle and second the ejected particle

Step 3 – The resultant nucleus is written on the Right hand side

For example

(i) Na23 (p, n) Mg23

It is a nuclear reaction in which a 11Na23 is bombarded with protons possessing high energy, it is converted to 12Mg23

Nuclear Reaction Equation

where 0n1 is neutron and q is heat released

(ii) 13Al27 (p, n) si27

It is a nuclear reaction in which 13Al27 is bombarded with proton possessing high energy it is converted to 14Si27

Nuclear Reaction Equation

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