S Domain Analysis

Pole Zero Plot

Pole Zero Plot: Pole Zero Plot – The variable s is a complex variable. Hence a complex plane is required to indicate the values of s graphically. A complex plane is a plane with X-axis as real axis and Y-axis as imaginary axis. The real axis is denoted as σ axis while imaginary axis is …

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Driving Point Function

Driving Point Function and Transfer Function: For a given network, the ratio of Laplace transform of the source voltage and source current is called driving point function. If it is a ratio of source voltage to source current, it is called driving point impedance function denoted as Z(s) while if it is a ratio of …

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s domain

s domain: To Understand the concept of s domain network, let us see the below three points Single Resistor in s Domain Single Inductor in s Domain Single Capacitor in s Domain Single Resistor in s Domain: Consider a single resistor, carrying a current i(t) shown in the Fig. 3.1. The voltage across it is …

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